Comments not displaying

My app’s URL: I built a project management app for my team using Glide. The comments section does not display in the app for users to comment unless there is info in the Google Sheet cell under comments. Any recommendations?

If I understand correctly, are you using the Comments component? If you are, then the Topic for the component need to point to a column in the sheet that contains a unique value (such as Project Name). This is so Glide can uniquely group comments to each individual project. I assume you have a comments column in your sheet and are pointing the Topic to that column? If so, this is not the column your topic should be pointing to. Comments aren’t stored in the sheets rows under a column you specify. All chat/comments are instead handled internally within Glide. They will appear in a new sheet tab “App:Comments” but they are only a reference log of any comments made within the app and making changes in that sheet will not be reflected within the app.

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