Comment component doesn't work

Although I add comments to the components, it does not appear on the screen. Also, I couldn’t see where the comments are shown as data.

Hello again,
Check the visibility conditions of your comments components, I just tried and they show on my end, and your config looks good so you should see the Add comment… prompt with the current user icon:
Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 3.41.39 PM

Also, comments are saved in a separate Table called App: Comments in your Google Sheet/Datasource.

Lastly, if you are using the Comments components, you are most likely on the old Apps model.
You should consider migrating your app to Pages as Apps does not have the new features and improved backend, and Pages now have better frontend optimized for both mobile and desktop experience.

Hi Xcel,

Thanks a lot for your quick response. I figured the visibility issue out.
I don’t have time to replace my app project to a page project :frowning:
The data issue still continues. It doesn’t allow me to select another table. It has already selected the Sessions table to which comments belong.

The topic should be a column that contains a unique value for each row. Preferably RowID. The topic is what links the comments to that row. You should need to select a different table.

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Hi have the same issue and it seems related to some Android versions or device. Indeed, I can successfully see the comments component on my iPhone and also on my colleagues’phones (but one) who own a Motorola with Android 13. The component disappears from the layout.

Do you have any visibility conditions for the component?

@ Tugba_Betul_Imre
Check if the user is logged-in , otherwise the component is not visible.

Can you verify that your colleague’s account can view the comments component from another device, not that Motorola?