About the welcome screen?

I don’t want the users to have to enter a PIN number every time they open the app. How can I remove this? I just want them to enter the email once and that’s it.
This is my current setting

Not sure why that little lock is grayed out?

They either have to sign-in with their Google account (so it goes through Google Auth), or they have to verify that they are the owner of the email they enter by entering the PIN.

Also, if the user doesn’t clear their cookies and using the same browser, they wouldn’t have to log in every time, I believe.

Thank you. Let me see that I have all my settings correct.

If you don’t have the option set to always set the authentication cookie, then this may also cause users to always have to sign in each time. Especially if they reject the cookie.

I didn’t have that selected. Thanks :blush:

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