Pin code

Hi all. I’ve got a number of users saying they are consistently asked for a PIN code now each time they use the app. Not all users (far from it) but some and asked every time. iOS and android. I find it odd. Not something that happened previously.

Is it possible that these users are deliberately signing out when they are done using the App each time?
I know that some people do that as a matter of habit.

Or maybe they rejected the authentication cookie?
Do you have that configured to “Always set” or “Ask for consent”?


Settings look good and it seems unlikely they would logout each time. Maybe they’re clicking on the link each time and not book marking it? Would that cause them to need a pin each time?

Perhaps, although I wouldn’t think so as the authentication cookie should still get set.

But regardless, I would recommend encouraging your users to install the App (add to homescreen).

I think I’d be trying to get with one of the affected users and watch them to see exactly how they are using it.

Thanks Darren. Will see if I can get eyeballs on it and get a better picture of what’s actually happening.