App Keeps asking user for PIN

Hey Glide Community,

One of the users for my app says that she keeps getting asked for a PIN (app is using email whitelist)
everytime she opens the app. Does anyone know if this is a setting on her phone or if there is something in Glide that I have to change for the app to keep her logged in?


-Randi R

Likely related to the user’s browser settings that probably clear their history/cache when they close the browser.


If your user uses the app often, you might want to suggest ‘installing’ it to their home screen or app drawer. Glide remembers the pin once you’ve installed the app. The caveat is, everytime your user signs out, they’ll need their pin to log in again.

Thanks for the replies guys!

I am still fighting this issue. I thought I understood that they must add the app to their home screen but I am not sure that is working? This is the most frequent question I have about the app, “Is it going to keep asking me for a pin every time I visit”?

Please put us in touch with someone who has to enter their pin more than once. Once you are signed in, you should stay signed in.

I will look for someone.

I do get installs where we just get someone’s email and I can tell they didn’t make it all the way in. On a successful install, we get their name and increment their profile.

If it really does take an Add to Home Screen to work properly, is there a way to gracefully share this on the way in?

Add to Home Screen has no effect on app behavior.

Getting an email without a name doesn’t necessarily mean there was a problem signing in. Maybe they just chose not to continue using the app.

If the app keeps asking for a pin, that’s most likely because a user chooses to sign out and in every time or their browser is set to clear cache every time it’s closed.

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A user of my glideapp is being requested a pin number to sign in and when they request for pin to be emailed they never receive the email?

Did they check their spam/junk folder?

Yes and nothing is there. The individual has requested a pin periodically for over a week.

What’s the email domain that they are using?

Is this user a student at a Catholic High School? Are they using their school email address? Does the school have filters on student emails?

I’ve also had a few users tell me this. My app is on the App Store and Google Play so they weren’t using the web version. One told me that nearly every time they opened the app, they had tor request a PIN to sign in. They also said all day on October 22, 2022 they couldn’t sign in due to “network resources” issues for the whole day. Do you know why this happened? The user has a regular gmail account so I don’t think it’s a email or cache issue. Thanks