People telling me that app doesn't work on their phones

My app’s URL:

Hi everyone,

I just discovered Glide, and I liked how it worked so much that I decided to go for the paid version. I’m running into an issue, however. A number of people who are testing my first draft of an app are saying that they can only get it to work on their computers, not on their phones.

Has anyone else experienced this?

This is one of the messages I got:

I’m able to open the app on my laptop (by entering the pin), but each time I try to open it on my phone, it prompts for a pin. Is is supposed to prompt for a pin each time? Also, the “I already have a pin” text/link doesn’t do anything when I click it on my phone. I’m on a Samsung phone and tried both Chrone and the Samsung browser (same results). Thanks!

The other feedback I’ve gotten has been similar.

I hope someone can help. I’ll have to cancel the paid version if this can’t be resolved.

Thank you for your time.

Every device will require a new PIN, whether it’s a computer or phone. The PIN is a one time use to register that device. I got into your app just fine. Only chrome on Android and Safari on IOS allows you to add the app to the homescreen. Regardless, once the app is registered to the device, it should automatically log in, unless they are clearing cache.

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Can you tell us more about your user’s device, operating system, and browser? We have never experienced anything like this–when we request a pin, and login, the user remains logged in until they log out.

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@david - I’m pretty sure this is just as @Jeff_Hager said - the user is trying to login via a different device. The wording of ‘I already have a pin’ imply that users should use the pin already generated, which potentially would have led to the confusion. It doesn’t tell the user that a new pin code would have to be generated for every device.

I’ve raised this minor issue before in a previous post. It’s a potentially a big problem if devs have to deal with hundreds of users contacting for support due to the confusion. Not so much if you have a small user base.

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each time I try to open it on my phone, it prompts for a pin… I’m on a Samsung phone and tried both Chrone and the Samsung browser (same results)

I think maybe the problem is they’re opening your app in the browser each time. They need to install your app to their phone. As Jeff mentioned, use Chrome on Android, or Safari on iOS .

Full instructions are here:

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The behavior is the same in the browser — you only need to login once.

What if they are reloading the link tho?

I had a quick lesson with this issue this week. If the user doesn’t add the app to their home screen they’ll need a new PIN every time. I pushed an app for our Public Works Dept to communicate snow operation details, and currently have just under 2100 non-whitelist users. This was a common comment. Easy to fix with a little hand holding, and only a minor PITA.

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I’ve opened several app links from many thread posts only in my browser just to view the app. After signing in once, I never have to sign in again. These apps are never added to my homescreen, so the browser is still retaining the log in info.

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To repeat, signing in within your browser keeps you signed in. Even if you refresh, reopen your browser, restart your phone, etc. If anyone can make a Glide app ask the user to login repeatedly, please tell us how you are able to do it.

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Is it at all possible that some of these people are “private browsing”??

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Thank you, everyone, for such helpful responses. I truly appreciate it. I had to put this project on the back burner for a bit, but I’m still with Glide. This community is great.

Also, I just voted for Glide as best no-code product on Product Hunt. :slightly_smiling_face: