Pin code for existing user/email?

Hi, for existing users (who have already entered their email & signed in with a PIN), why is Glide re-asking for a PIN anytime they re-login via the browser?

Security reasons — if no pin was needed at each login, someone’s email could be used to login by another user pretty easily.

The thing that should happen is that users should be able to set a password after the first time they enter a pin. Then they’d just use this user-generated password to get back into the app if they try to access the app on a different device or if their browser history gets cleared.

Another option for you would be to enable Google login. This method doesn’t require a pin.

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That shouldn’t be happening. Unless I explicitly sign out of any app, I typically don’t have to re-enter a pin each time I open the app. It should be remembering your sign in on the device. If you are having to request a pin every time, then that may be due to a browser setting or something else that’s set to clear your cache regularly or whenever the browser closes. Or it could be a browser extension that’s interfering with the sign in cookie.


Definitely agree, but I’ve seen some users who, for whatever reason, feel a need to clear their browser history every day. It’s usually iPhone users, not sure why.

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Thank you to both of you.

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