Limit access by email / user has to sign up every each time


here (Login/Sign In - Glide Library) they say

“Once your users have logged in, that device will remember them and they shouldn’t have to sign in again” (category; Limit access by email)

But, they won’t remember and I have to get pins and type them for verifying every time I try to use the app.

Usually my device remember my password etc in other website, so I don’t think it’s because of my setting at the devices.
I’ve tried both on my iPhone and Mac.

Is it only me?

The first thing I would be checking is that I have User Profiles correctly setup and configured.

Thank you Darren,

Yes, User Profiles are correctly setup and configured, I think…!

Did you clear the cache between logins?

And have you “added to home screen” rather than running in browser?

Perhaps show us a screenshot so we can help confirm that for you?
It probably isn’t the cause, but best to eliminate that as a possibility.

Thank you ThinhDinh,
I didn’t make any changes on cache;)

Thank you V88_Google,
on iPhone, yes I added it to home screen, but the result is the same;)

Thank you again Darren,
This is the screen shot. Hope this shows the exact information you want?
It’s connected to the sheet by email address, I think.

So you have paid to be on a Pro Private plan, or is this a trial app?

I have paid to be on a Pro Private plan!

Yes, that looks fine. One more thing - you mentioned that you are using the allowed email list feature. Is the allowed email list also your Contacts sheet, or do you use a different sheet? (check what is configured under Privacy settings)

Thanks Darren,
oh, it’s the same sheet. Is that wrong???

No, that’s fine. It doesn’t really matter which sheet, as long as you have one defined.

At this point, I think my advice would be to contact Glide Support ( and give them a Support Code for your app.

Just one other thing - any cookie / content blocker running on the device? Does the same thing happen on another device? Actually that’s two things!

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It will happen any time a user clears their browser cache or history. If Glide ever integrates publishing to native then that issue will go away. Until then…

Thank you @V88 , @noobly_channel

No cookie / content blocker running on the devices.
But, somehow… don’t know what but something happened and now I can keep using the website without sign in even after I close the web.

But, one thing I hope to Glide is that make it without a pin, even after “sign out”. I think it’s more natural to make it once we verify users’ email addresses by pins, then they can sign in with only their email address. Maybe I have to make original sign in system with a password by myself for now…

Anyway, thanks a lot to all!

Glad you’re sorted now :muscle: