Strategy for user-specific login without pin code

I will be using my apps with k12 students and it will be a hassle for them to have to login to their email and get the pin-code. I whitelisted them but it is still going to ask for a pin-code. My first thought is to use a password and then have then select from a roster list at the first tab whilst having a Row ID on the user profile page. Any better ideas?

If it helps, as far as I aware they only need to do that once and they will stay logged in, unless I miss something about login cache being cleared once in a while.

Yet my situation is that I have grades 3-12 coming through on a rotation schedule so it will be a different group each week. What about the idea of once they enter with a password, then I have them choose their name from a list that is on a sheet that contains their email to ID them. Hence, once they select their name Glide can ID them- will that work?

I get logged out on Phone and desktop from time to time. Also there is an open issue/question as to how to push changes to all users at the same time. At least from my perspective, when Glide introduces publishing control, there should be the ability to push changes and force new sign in to ensure that all changes are deployed. To be clear, this is just how I think it should work and I have no idea how Glide will handle it.

To get what you want, your app will need to be set to the public or password privacy setting. Either way you can utilize user specific columns to have a user set a value, such as an email or a unique password for each user and utilize it throughout the app by using relations and lookups to verify the user and set conditions on what’s visible all based on the email or password they typed. Unfortunately this won’t persist once they close the app and they will have to re-enter the email or password each. Public will wipe out user specific columns once the app is closed. I’m assuming the same with the Password privacy setting, but I haven’t verified that. There also won’t be any validation, so one student could pretend to be another if they know the email or password of another student. Public with Email allows for stronger security due to the pin being sent to the user’s email. All in all, Public or Password sign in methods will not “lock” a device to a user.

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Does this help? This is what I used to do with my students prior to them receiving email addresses.


Are you saying I create the email accounts +1 and then all the codes will come to me at the origin account and I cal out the codes to the students during login?

This is also another way… read through this thread

That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying.