Classroom App to Collect Research

This is a little app I am working on to collect some research from my students.

I wanted to have an app where I could get the students to fill in some information, but NOT have to log in to do it.

*** This is really only for students you can keep a secret. Each student will have an access code they will need to memorize and keep track of. ***

Each student is assigned a STATE of the USA.

Each student will have to collect TEN facts about their assigned state and enter it into the APP.

Each state is given an Access Code. The student researching that state will be given the ACCESS Code for that state.

On the APP, there is a place to put in their access code. This goes into a USER SPECIFIC column. So it will be different for each device, as the code is entered.

The sheet will then do some ‘calculations’

  • There is a column that will copy this number DOWN using a Single Value Column

  • There is a MATH column that will subtract the entered value from the Access Code.

  • There is a If/Then column that returns the word EDIT if the MATH column is ZERO

Once the correct Access Code is entered, their specific state will “Rise to the Top” and will be editable.

Then ONLY THAT state on THAT device with THAT Access Code can be EDITED.

Go ahead and give it a try!

Some of the Temporary Account codes can be seen in the screenshot above. (and are pretty easy to guess!)

Disclaimer: I am sure that there may be a different/easier way to get the if/then to work, but this worked for me! I am open to “Why didn’t you try this!” and “There is another way!” comments.


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well done


I have tested your app. Really cool way of getting students engaged. I know ffor sure you will have a happy jovial class of student’s once you roll your app out.

I was thinking while going through it what I would or might have done differently. User specific columns cane to mind but quickly discarded the thought as all would be stored in the editor. You don’t want to be sifting through all your students work as a “preview as” a, b, c, etc. You would have to sit with the editor in front of you. It would be a drain on my resources and teaching time, I though to myself.

Then I noticed how your passwords were easily hackable. I went into a few states. You can check that yourself. If your students are young children ( nothing to worry about). If teenagers, then it would take only 1 clever mischievous happy prankster to ruin everything.

I really like your set up. So here are my uninvited suggestions:

  1. Tie each password generated to each student email.

  2. If email and password match then state x. ELse reject.

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@Wiz.Wazeer - thanks for the great feedback and challenge. I knew there were some ‘holes’ in the app. In the ‘real’ app I planned on having some random numbers for them to remember.

BUT, I have taken on YOUR challenge of making it even more secure. Each student has a username and password.

So check out the app again, but this time I have a USERNAME and PASSWORD.

So try it again.

Here are some sample Usernames and Passwords to try out!


Thank you Spencer’ I will try becz I kind of like your app set up. So took a keen interest in it.


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Just checked it out. You know what, you’ve even made the username case-sensitive. Brilliant. ! Couldn’t crack the codes this time :joy::+1::+1::+1: