Attendance app

Hi, working on an app designed for students to confirm their attendance to class or event.
what I want is to create a profile for each student on a separate app i.e student portal that’s linked to a master sheet that contains the scheduled events.

I was told that creating a separate app and link to the main spreadsheet would solve this problem but does this mean I would have to create a separate app for each student or is the way to create a login and out option.

example: only John can confirm his attendance and only once he is signed in or opens the app

can any one help with this?

please and thank you


As long as you use either Public with email or Whitelist email in your Settings/Privacy/Sign-In of the app you will know who is running the app. So from what I understand of what you want you should be able to do what you want in one app.

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You need to create another tabsheet, Students, on the same spreadsheet that the teachers app is using. This would have the basic info about the student along with their email if they have one. If they don’t have an email do put something into that column maybe something like Create another tabsheet, Attendance, Then create an app, the student app, and pick the same spreadsheet to link the app to. Go to Settings/Privacy/Sign-In and pick Email-Whitelist and point the source of the whitelist that Student tabsheet. Now when a student runs the app for the first time they will have to get a pin sent to their email in order to login. This happens only the first time they log in from a device.

You would then go to the events page listing, then details about the event. There you would add a Form button component and have the results populate rows in the Attendance tabsheet. Click on the form button. Now you can build your attendance form. Take a look at all the available components and the columns of data that are available to you. One is the email of the user, date and time, all the information about the event, etc. You are going to have to experiment and take a look as some of the tutorials. It will take some time to learn Glide and how the relationships can work.

One other suggestion would be the Whitelist the teachers app as well. You should have them have to log in as well.

Good luck and have fun with Glide.

I attached this reply to the original post so others can possibly benefit from my advise. Here is a quote from the private message:

Hi George thanks for reply to my message. perhaps I didn’t explain well.

I just need to know how to have each student sign in to class.

now perhaps if created another application with students basic information i.e name email and such… how do I attach the student apps with the event spreadsheet?

my event spreadsheet is a separate application as well that myself and other teachers can use to sign-in students who don’t have a phone but are indeed in class.

on the student application, I’d like to just have (Basic info + event calendar + confirm)