Can 2 apps share 1 Google Sheet?

I’ve created an app for the faculty and staff at our school which consists of a directory of all employees and students along with contact info and other data. I’d like to make another app for students which will contains subset of the info in the faculty and staff app. Is this possible or would I need a second sheet?


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Yes, it is possible, and no you don’t need a separate spreadsheet. I would highly advise you to make your administrative app a whitelisted style of app so only teachers can log in and see the student details. I realize that that would require a Pro app. Be very cautious of privacy issues when it comes to your students.

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Thanks for the replies. Glad to hear that I don’t need to maintain two Sheets! I’m definitely going to make it a pro app simply to support the devs that created Glide. The added pro features are just gravy.