Attendance App help

I’m trying to figure out how to configure my spreadsheet so that I can have students checked in if they are there. It works in the template but not in the one I created. I’m trying to get an app for my afterschool program. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jan, is the “if they are there” part linked with a location component?

Check out this free template!

why dont you create a sheet called check in sheet addd threee columns,student email and time of check in
then make studwnts fill a form
use a currentdate and time special value to fill in the time of check in column
use another special value to get email of current user to fill in student email
In data editor wewill create a relation column relating the student email to user profike
Then create a tab called todays check ins make it a details layout add an inline list and filter it by items which values in todays check in is today