I need help structuring data for my attendance app

I’ve created an “attendance sheet” with in the first row the student’s name and in the first column the date :

I’d like to make a report with datas of each row (each date).

Does somebody have an idea for the followings things ?
1. Calculate number of students “Present” for each row ? I think that Arrayformula doesn’t work in row with Countif.
2. Is it possible to show in Glide which student were “present” for each Date ?
I think about that but i can’t find a solution.

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I would consider restructuring your data to have the list of names in Column A. Then you could add additional columns like “Date” and “Attended”.

Now back in glide you could use filters such as “attended is true”

If you are using a form or a custom action somewhere in the flow, you could use the “current date” component to capture dates.


I have done similar thing in one of my template for board meetings.


I’ve used a form with one choice button for each student … That’s why student’s name are on first row and not first column… I can use “transpose” function on the sheet in order to have name on Column A. If i do that i can easily calculate number of student but idon’t find to show on the Glide a list of the date and for which the list of students

Again I would consider reorganizing the data structure. You could make a new tab for your choice component with a list of student names. So instead of many choice components for each student you would have 1 choice component for ALL students.

Perhaps your approach is better, I will have to yield to the experts on this one.

Good luck!


I have also used transpose in my sheet. I will share the sheet on Monday with you if that is helpful.

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I like the little “more” button :sunglasses:


Yhank you very much

add a location search … and switch combine … it will give you actual students attending

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This may help…though it’s in Spanish.

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May be somthing like this? (attendance app)
The number of persons present each day is calculated in Glide with a math column.

The drawback is that both dates and students should be fixed


Thank you for your help…
I have found a method : array formula with “rows” for calculate nimber of students “present” and list with détail view for student presents for each date.
You can watch this : https://gestiondeclub-appel.glideapp.io/
=> Tap Logo > Tap U8
Float button = relevance and “Bilan de séance” = Report of relevance

I’ve improved the title of this topic. Please be more specific than “I need help” next time.

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Excuse me… I’ll be more specific nest time :pray:

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has someone a copy of the mentioned app https://gestiondeclub-appel.glideapp.io/ because link seems to be dead.