Classroom observation record

Here you have another app to record what happens in your classrooms. You can:

  • attendance tracking
  • delays tracking
  • good and bad interventions tracking
  • any kind of participations tracking
  • take note of some global issue
  • take note of some individual issue
    One tap on a student record marks absence; two opens the student’s profile in order to mark any other issue.
    A google script runs every night from monday to friday to save day’s records on a separate sheet and clears the day’s record. This history sheet is not used by glide, to avoid reaching the row limit. Glide gets this information from a summary sheet made with google formulas.
    Daily classroom observation record

Looks great. I like the clean design

Nice one :clap:

Well done!

Great Job :clap: :clap: :clap:

I really love the design of your attendance sheet with cards and green or red point. It’s very esthetic, i think there’s a lot of CSS and i don’t know use it.

No css at all. Only Glide features in the display (and a little bit of code in a google script)

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New Feature: In this new version you can choose to mark student by student or select an item and mark several students

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I like this. You went above and beyond what most people ask for in an attendance app. I don’t give praise often but this really seals the deal on that category. Great job.This is honestly a template worth paying for.


Thank you. I’m glad you like it
I’m a teacher and I’ve made this app to join in one tool several records I take during a class.
If anyone wants this template, I could sell it and give some instructions on how to use the script.

Yes you do, in your own special way - you big softie! :grin: