Use a checklist to record attendance and record students name and date attended on a separate google sheet

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I am trying to mark attendance on a checklist screen (names are on a google sheet called “NamesData"and have it record on a separate google sheet called “RollHistory”.
I want to use a checklist so that I don’t have to go to a second screen and click a “Present” button which then updates the RollHistory sheet with ‘Date’ and ‘Name’. (it is currently working like this but it is too slow and I can’t quickly see a list of who has been marked off.)
I have set up the checklist screen and I have added an action to “add row to RollHistory” and put two columns in this sheet being ‘Date’ and 'Name” which have been added to the action but when clicking the checkbox the RollHistory sheet does not add a row with the date and name. Any ideas on what I am neglecting to do would be greatly appreciated?

If you’re using Google sheets, there will be a lag for sure. Best to build in glide tables for any sort of “log” functionality. It gets worse the more records you have that are being rolled up.

Hi Robert.
Many thanks for your reply and thanks for the youtube videos you have posted. I have really enjoyed watching them and have been blown away by the the things you have managed to achieve and share.
With regard to the RollHistory I will re-do it with a glide sheet. Is clicking the checkbox on a checklist the trigger that will cause the action to occur ie add the current time and student name to the RollHistory sheet or is there something else I need to do?
Thanks again and kind regards

Thanks for the kind words!

Unfortunately, checking a checklist box can’t trigger an action. You’ll need to add the action to the inline list itself.

I’ve built a few different attendance apps for teachers/coaches, and the leanest approach I’ve been able to come up with looks something like this:

Here’s the template I was referring to:


Thank you very much Robert for pointing out that “checking a checklist box can’t trigger an action. You’ll need to add the action to the inline list itself.”

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