Form + Checklist

I have a checklist of topics that need to be discussed at a workshop. I want to combine this checklist with a form feature where the trainer enters the student name, date of workshop and then checks each topic discussed at that specific workshop. How do I accomplish this?

Currently my checklist of topics is on a googlesheets tab with topics in rows. It would be ideal if each new workshop could be added as a column through the form with the checklist values field referencing the new column with workshop date. But I am not sure how I can have the user add a column for each new workshop.

Or perhaps there is another easier and more elegant way to accomplish this. I can change the configuration of my google sheet to be able to accommodate any suggestions provided.

Thankyou in advance for reading this and for solutions.

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Thanks for sharing your issue with us. While I try to understand better your issue, I recommend you to visit this link that may help you a bit : :arrow_down:

There’s also this useful link in the center hub that may guide you a bit more :arrow_down:

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I would check out this post to see how I’m using a joined list column to build a list from selections in another inline list. You could probably do something similar and save the joined list to another column. You will probably have to create a custom form with user specific columns as temporary placeholders as I don’t believe it would be easy to do in a native form.

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