I just need a simple checklist

I’m sorry, but I feel like I’m actually getting dumber. I just need a simple checklist of subjects, for tutors to check. Would it be an inline list? I feel like I can never find what I’m looking for on YouTube. I have a guy who does a lot of tutorials, but they don’t seem to cover things that I need for my app. He does, at least, talk in his videos. How did you all learn Glide so well? Is there a class I should take, or a video series I should subscribe to? Maybe order some videos? I’m sorry but I’m just frustrated that I can’t find anything on creating a simple checklist. I still don’t even know what checkboxes do!:pensive:


No problem. This feelings has everyone. I think even the experts here have this time to time.

What is a check box.
A check box can switch a value between true and false.
You need a column with the type boolean and connect it to your checkbox component.


Thank you! :blush:

Want a step-by-step?

  1. Go to the data editor and add a new Basic Column; a Boolean column.
  2. Make your screen (or Inline List component) a checklist style
  3. Make it so that ‘Check value’ is your Boolean column.

Hopefully that answers your question.

I played around with some templates and read lots of posts from this community.

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions!



Read, practice, play around and repeat = success



You just love that 3D thumbs up image, don’t you? :joy:

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Yes, this is what I need!lol Thank you so much! Oh, also, should I create a new sheet, and form, or can I just add it to the questions form that I already have?


I don’t think adding a new sheet and form is necessary.

Tell me if everything works out!


Our Pablo’s growing up so fast :sob: :+1:

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I had a tutoring session this morning, and it is REALLY easy. I just go to my Google sheet “profile” page. Just write all the subjects in the -1 columns. Then go to the edit page on my app, and add a checkbox component. Then just change the visibility setting so that only the tutors can see it. I believe I can do that on my existing form page as well.

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So I want to create an in-depth checklist, which seems simple, but here is the tough part for my head to wrap around.
There is a requirement to do this checklist every 90 days, so how would I structure the data so that when you click a button, you can record a new checklist to enter?

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