Checklist Button

This is my first time using Glide and I’m trying to check items off a to-do list but Im unable to ,I already set the component to checklist, what should I do? Thank you.

Are you using a checklist collection?

The checklist collection component writes true/false to a column in your data, for each item. So if you have a table of to-do items, you may have something like:

To-do table:
Title | Description | Due date | Priority | Completed

In “Items Data” set the “checked” data to the “Completed” column.

Now when you check the things in your list, they will check and uncheck. Maybe that’s done… or maybe you want to do more, like make the completed items disappear, or get groups separately. Go to the options tab of the checklist collection component, and set your filter to Completed is “true” (or “is checked”). This would make the items disappear once complete. You could make another collection list that filters to only completed tasks, if you want to show them somewhere else in the app.

More, general info here.



Thank you so much for,so I have been able to check the todo list to the done side but I can’t see the item, so when I check the item from to-do it goes to done, but it doesn’t show the item itself, it only shows the checkbox

What do you have for the Item Data? The Title and Description? Perhaps share a screen shot?

Yes, share a screenshot or record a video please

Thanks,it got resolved i just had to refresh my browser