✅📋 4 ways to create CHECKLISTS in Glide!

:wave: Hey fellow Gliders!

The concept of a checklist is fairly simple, but there are actually a few ways to build them in Glide depending on your app setup and what data you want to collect from your users.

For this reason, I wanted to showcase 4 unique ways to create checklists in Glide. (#3 is my favorite :heart_hands:)!

:one: The Checkbox

Use a series of checkboxes assigned to Boolean columns.

:white_check_mark: Pros: Easy to set up
:x: Cons: Labor intensive, not scalable, no associated actions

:two: - The Checklist Collection

A checklist collection that points to rows of related items.

:white_check_mark:Pros: Flexible and a beautiful UI
:x:Cons: Data heavy, not scalable, no associated actions

:three: - The Choice Component

A choice component configured to a “Radio Buttons” display.

:white_check_mark:Pros: Flexible, lean, hackable to create recurring checklists
:x:Cons: Limited UI, no associated actions

:four: - The List Collection

A list collection that uses a collection action button to mark an item as complete using a set column action.

:white_check_mark: Pros: Flexible, robust functionality (can trigger other actions)
:x: Cons: Loses the traditional “checklist” appearance

Check out the full tutorial below!


Bob, thanks for sharing this. The content is very useful and it’s beautiful to see your videos.

Praise aside, I use your 4th method quite a bit, let’s call it “item actions on a list collection”, and I’ll usually have multiple actions set up. The actions could for example change the status: Move to to-do, Move to doing, Move to review, Move to done. Depending on the user experience I’m looking for, I might display the list of actions in the 3-dotted menu, or I might display some of the actions using action conditions, or I might display one action only such as “Change status” using branches within one custom action. I tend to keep things simple and display all possible actions in the dotted menu.


@nathanaelb for sure! It’s by far the most flexible solution. Hopefully one day we can have actions be triggered when a column changes (boolean to true).

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Thanks Robert!

I used a combination of your fourth technic and emojis marks :white_check_mark:. But a picture could be nicer.
First screenshots are from previous classic apps.

For sure! I usually use the Hero Icons column to create a color-coded status:


The Hero Icon column deserves more credit that it receives. It’s a good way to add visuals and color to the screen.


Another great video - thanks!

I used checkboxes quite a bit in my fitness app. It’s nice when the actions are dynamic… see this sequence.

It works well when you nest choice components to reveal additional input fields for example when other is picked…

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