Adding a photo to each item in checklist

Hi there.
Recently I’ve lost the ability to see this row in my checklist content menu, and instead- I only see the top 3.
How can I add the image to any item?


In Glide Apps, the checklist collection gives you 3 data points (3 columns) which does not give you an image. There isn’t much you can do about this.

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Only alternative is to use a choice component as a checklist. However, the images are small and you lose the ability to enter into a details screen for each item (if needed)

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Custom Collection could work here.

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Yes, but it’s not the same. I use the checklist in an e-commerce cart. It’s very intuitive for the user that unchecking a product means taking it off from the cart

I do not understand what you mean. Could you please explain a little?

A custom collection let’s you design a list to look and function the way you want. Want an image…add an image. Want a checkbox…add a checkbox. It opens up a lot of design options.

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Oh, I tried that, putting the checklist on the left and the collection side by side using the 1 / 3 layout. In desktop view works fine, but in mobile screen they are shown one above the other. Most of my users are mobile.

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Ah OK. Didn’t consider that. I wish containers wouldn’t do that on mobile.

I guess one other thought would be to use an emoji character (:white_large_square: or​:white_check_mark:). You could use a standard List collection. Then change the action to a custom action that has a IF condition to set a boolean to true if the boolean is not checked, else set the boolean to false. Then in your data, create an IF column that returns the appropriate emoji based on the Boolean value. Then use a template column to join the emoji and your text and display that in your list.

Ideally Glide would just add the image option, but this could be somewhat of an alternative in the meantime.

Thank you for the workaround, Jeff, but I believe it doesn’t fill all my needs, because I want the standard action of viewing the details screen of the item AND the checking/unchecking to add / eliminate AND the item image

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