Community Update: Forum leaderboards + new features and fixes

Hello Gliders!

Fun fact: We enabled our forum leaderboards a few weeks ago.

The leaderboard scores come from “cheers”, which reflect a range of activities like spending time in the forum, reading threads, responding to posts, and so on.

You’ll find your total “cheers” score on your forum profile:


We’re going to recognize a handful of up-and-coming contributors each week, starting today. This special leaderboard excludes our most active members, so that we can easily spot folks who are new contributors to the Glide community.

Contributor shoutouts :medal_sports:

Congratulations to our first set of contributors:

  • @Himaladin for tackling member questions in Ask for Help
  • @Dilip_Adiga for asking questions, and helping us troubleshoot issues in public
  • @Yoga for doing the same - thank you for bringing your questions to the forum!

Note: We won’t always call out the top three each week, but we’ll always pull from the leaderboard. The more active you are in the community, the more likely you are to get a shoutout!

Speaking of shoutouts…

Congrats to our Glide Certified: L2 challenge winners :trophy:

We’ve finally confirmed our winners! Check out the updated challenge post for details.

New features, fixes, and updates :star2:

We shipped a bunch of improvements last week:

  • New JSON Template column for easily constructing complex JSON values
  • Added more email alerts for teams exceeding their Glide usage thresholds
  • Multiple rollups in Big Tables and SQL data sources are now faster
  • Newer, faster Glide app (player) experience available in preview; check your team settings
  • Expanded logging for native actions like Trigger Webhook and Call API
  • Cleaner titles on collections when you have an active sidebar
  • Dark backgrounds have a slight hue of the accent color mixed in

And a whack of fixes:

  • Display issue with Glide announcements in your dashboard
  • Edge case causing the Glide builder to crash
  • Modal menus hiding behind the builder sidebar, e.g. in the Actions editor
  • Removed the annoying 1px line at the bottom of the Data editor (!)
  • Collections not showing with an “is” filter on an empty value
  • Theme not updating properly in the builder, carrying from app to app
  • We now show tooltips for lengthy custom action branch conditions
  • Audio recorder not consistently running, causing actions to fail
  • Missing icon to the “clear value” option for mapping components
  • Text overflowing the data grid component container
  • Filepicker bug for clearing values
  • Bug in SQL where rows moved around after editing them
  • Custom CSS restored in the new Glide app (player) experience
  • Native action icons in the Actions editor
  • Clicks in a multi-file picker registered as a click on an underlying collection component
  • Builder refresh when navigating off the Airtable modal page

From the community :raised_hands:

From the Glide blog:

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That’s it for today. Have a great week!


The kings @Darren_Murphy and @Jeff_Hager have free real estate in this forum.


Can I convert those to USD? :thinking:


I’m not opposed. @NoCodeAndy wanted new ideas for the forum… :grin:


Noted. :wink: