Using Call API and Glide API to add rows to related tables. Also...JSON Object!

I wanted to show how you can use our new JSON columns to allow you use Call API into the Glide API. This allows you to create multiple rows in a different table and related them to the main table.

Marco created a great video showing how this was done with an older method (before we had all the great new JSON columns) that used a combination of template fields but you can do this all with just a JSON Object column now.

Here is a Loom video to explain. If I missed explaining anything feel free to ask questions. Hope it’s helpful for your Glide projects!

Link: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


Excellent. Thank you.

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Quick question here. You have the $ sign on Name but not on projectID but it still works. Is it intended behaviour or a bug?


Oh, good point! I should have included the $. I don’t know if it’s intented that it works but I do know that this column is more intelligent than a regular template column. I’ll try changing it and see if there is any difference. Thanks for catching that.

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I think the column was correcting my mistake here. I added the $ and it actually works faster now. :slight_smile:


Good insight. Thank you!


Very nice, Darren :+1:

That would be Marco :wink:

The Template column in your Predefined Tasks table isn’t actually required. You could refer directly to the value in your User Profile row from the JSON Template column.

One other comment I’d make is that whilst Call API is perfectly fine for sending a small number of mutations (say up to about a dozen), it isn’t suitable for large numbers of mutations because of the delay it introduces whilst the Glide API processes them. I’ve found that you get a much better (read “snappier”) user experience if you use Trigger Webhook → Make → Glide API instead. The delay is still there, but it’s removed from the user experience as it’s handled in the backgound by Make.


Oh man, I knew it was Marco, no idea how I typed that. :smile:

Thanks for the tip about using the template from the user profile. I’ll give that a go.

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Hey Derek, don’t worry. It’s an easy mistake to make! :joy:

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Thanks, Darryl!

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