Auto add column with check box on attendence app

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Could not find an answer in previous posts so asking here.
I have a customer using attendence app based on the template but with changes. He connected a Google form that allow users to add themselves to the list and than they auto added as columns using transpose formula.

The problem is that when they are added they actually created as new columns on the attendees sheet so golden doesn’t recognize them and they are not showing in the app (basically I need glide to auto add a checkbox column to each new column is this sheet).

Is here a way to do this automatically without needing to go to the editor and add each new attended manually?


Glide is unable to handle column names dynamically added or changed using transpose. The editor needs to reload the sheet to get the new columns and create new components. This does not happen automatically. The only way I can think of would be to instead create rows for each user, then create an new column to use for a switch or checkbox. Unfortunately you would have to then open each user in a list to check the box or flip the switch. This could control an image, so you could see a :heavy_check_mark: or :x: in the list. Not a great solution but what’s possible with what’s available. Ideally I think it would help to have a type of inline list that would consist of checkboxes. I don’t know of a good way to have a dynamic list of checkboxes on the same screen though.

Hi @Jeff_Hager, thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately this will not be a good solution as I will need to create hundreds of columns for the dates in which we have the classes scheduled… And it won’t work with calendar view as well

When you say “attendance app based on the template” do you mean that there is a template to copy from. I can’t visualize the structure of the spreadsheet from your question. If it is a Glide template can you give me a link to it?

I assume it’s this template.

Exactly @Jeff_Hager
The different is that the users use Google form to enter their name into the app which than using transpose formula move as new columns to the attendance sheet

Thanks, now I see the problem. I wouldn’t have written the app this way if I knew that the possible number and names of the attendees were not relatively fixed. Doing it the way the template is doing it does limit the number of possible attendees, and as evidenced by this issue, requires someone to change the app in the builder each time a new potential attendee is needed.

I would have most likely created at least 3 sheets; Names; Events; Attendees but would need more info about the actual usage to really think about the layout and how to dynamically add new names to the list of possible attendees.

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As I said the use case is simple.
Training classes which happen once a week every week.
The trainees add themselves using Google form to a sheet called participants, then, they are added to the sheet with the checkbox using transpose.
The trainer mark everyone that arrive to to the training himself.

Can’t really follow the idea you’re suggesting as how to hange the app

No problem if it’s working for you with the current process, then no need to rethink it.

It’s not working as the trainer to go into the editor and manually add every trainee that join with additional checkbox component.
If you have better idea I’ll be very happy to here how to automize this

Look at State Plates in

That’s about my best idea for a dynamic checklist

I thought about doing something like that but that mean that you need to go into every trainee that come to the training and mark him instead of having a screen where you see all and check relevant ones :crazy_face:

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I have a similar requirement. I have about 15 events during the year and I have about 35 members who have access to the application.

When they access the application I would like them to select if the are attending or not the event and register their attendance. I want to make it as simple as possible. I don’t want them to enter their name, I just want the App to recognize who they are and record their response, which will be written to the response sheet. On the Responses sheet I want to see the event, the name of the member and their attendance response.
I know I can use a form but tat requires them to enter their name every time

I hope someone has a solution

No need for them to enter their name. Use the form button and a User Email Special Value component. Their email will be included with the submission.

Hi @yinon_raviv, did you managed to get a solution to this? I have the same issue? Regards

No. There is no way to add columns automatically

Thank you, I deduced this as well in the meantime. I am however still struggling to get a checkbox dynamically added as a new person is added as an attendee. Did you perhaps find a solution to this?

If you add a checkbox component to the relevant screen then any new user will have it automatically

Thank you, you are correct using the checkbox option allows any new names added is dynamically added to the app. However this does not allow you to dynamically assign the checkbox instance to an agenda/calendar date. I cannot find a ways where you can dynamically add and calendar event and a name and have these two linked. So having an Attendee app with both attendees and events as dynamically added and attendance recorded, does not seem doable in Glide, based on my knowledge. I will need to go back to normal code. Regards.

Create a form button to add attendees to a sheet along with the event. The sheet will contain a column for an event, an attendee, and a column to hold a checkbox value. On the event sheet, create a relation to link the event to the event/attendee form response sheet. Then display an inline list that uses the relation and displays it in the checklist style layout. This will grow dynamically as you add attendees. You have to think in rows, not columns when considering dynamic lists.