Automatically add Column in sheet after entering data

Hi, we are a soccer team and I’m trying to create a small app that our coaches need to complete every week. The goal is to keep trac off the player selection off every week.
I found how to add a checkbox that can do it, but it’s globally, not week after week. Is it possible to automatically add a column to a sheet to keep all match selections of a season?

Thanks for the help,


What are the checkboxes for? You want to organize your sheet so that new items add as rows.

Hi, Thank you for the answer.
The check box is there to set the player as present for this match

I thought I saw an app somewhere on Twitter what was used to take attendance. It added a row every day with check boxes.
Am I crazy? Will look for it and post again if no one else does.

This has a link to a template - and there. Is some kind of attendance magic in there. I do not know how it works, just that it exists.

Also it seems like the Glide App Example App

Has potentially a “add a row every week” example