How can change to next columns

Hi all,
I am creating an app for checking attendance, but I am confusing about how to specify a column to edit it.
My spreadsheet likes:

For example:

  1. When user opens the app, it gets the date of today (20/09) and check with name of columns, if they are the same, it will check attendance in this column by choice component.
  2. If the day is different, the choice component will be invisible.

I’m a newbie and I don’t know how to do like that. Please help me, thank you very much.

Hi Mr. Kien, from a fellow Vietnamese!

I think the better setup would be having a form to submit the signed-in user’s email/phone and timestamp to a new sheet, then use formula to bring that back to the Sheet you want to display attendance check, I would imagine in checkboxes style.

Hi Mr. Thinh, thks for your reply.

Your sussgestion is a good idea for adult but children. Our classes are kids, a teaching assisstant will check them follow the list students. So it is dificult to write on column with date.

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You can capture those information automatically using the Special component.

Anh ơi trong mỗi form button mình có các component: current date & time và signed-in user’s email, anh có thể dùng các component trên để tự động thêm thông tin vào các cột cần thiết nha anh.

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