Extract attendance record by date

Hi all,
Need some helps with my app to extract attendance record based on a date choice component. I’ve spent the past 2 days but no result. :sweat_smile:

I have a tab with 4 buttons. Each button submits attendance for a class. In the form has a date component, and choice component for each students to select Present, Absent or Late. Hence, the data sheet will have a column for each student and the date in the row. In addition, there is a seperate sheet for each button.

What I try to achieve is in a new tab, I can select a date from a choice component, then a list comes out to show all the students in the class and their attendance on that particular day.

Much appreciate if anyone can give me some clues? :pleading_face:

You may have better luck adding a template column to write your date as a string. A date field will have underlying times as part of its data, so if you’re trying to match a choice list of dates to submission data, it may not match perfectly due to the Times being off (even if they’re not immediately shown). You may get away with using the “is within” filter to capture all Date/Times on a specific day, but I prefer using a template column to write my dates as text strings so that it locks in the formatting and then you’re just comparing two strings of text to one another.


Thanks for the tip! Didn’t realize there are complication involving date component.

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Just a thing to remember, any formatting on date columns or math columns is only cosmetic for display purposes. The underlying value is still retained. So you may someday notice that a math column with a precision of 2 may show a rounded value as 1.67, but the underlying value could still be 1.66666666666. It’s still beneficial to have that underlying value if you need to pull out an hour/minute/second from a date value, or use a math column for further math without losing the true unrounded value.