Visibility "is within" some other field

I searched for this but couldn’t find it yet… could the “is within” visibility be set up to allow a choice of other fields? Currently, the only options are “today” or “now”, but I’m trying to control visibility when a date is within another date that isn’t today or now.

Good idea. For now you could create templates of the date without the time and compare the templates.

Yup for now I’ve created text-based lists of each date entered and allow those lists to be picked as the filter.

Speaking of templates without the time… do you know of a better way to do this in Glide? What I’m currently doing is creating formulas in the sheet (i.e. TEXT(B2:B, “DDDD, MMMM D, YYYY”) ), but this ends up creating text columns in Glide and it makes it next to impossible to perform relation-checks when one field is using a Date column and the other a Text column. It would be great to be able to copy a column in the editor, but give it a different format. For me, I need to capture the Current Date/Time of the form submission, but also need to extract the Date only from this value.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but I’m talking about setting the format on the date column, then creating a template, to lock in the formatted version of the date. Otherwise the underlying raw timestamp format is still used for a date column except when displayed on the screen. This is all within Glide and doesn’t involve any formulas in the sheet. I’m guessing you could use either the date column or the template column for your relation, depending on how the date is set up in the other sheet. I would probably do the same template in the other sheet as well and use both templates for the relation.

Ah I see… so you create a Template after assigning the format in the Editor, which preserves its format.

My issue is that I want my Date/Time to be displayed as a long format Date + Time, but I also want to extract the Date only in another separate column. I don’t think I can create a Template of a Date/Time column and then edit it to only show the date value.

Ok, got it. I’ve done something similar recently to extract a formatted date only and extract a formatted time only. Unfortunately I was only able to do this by using a formula in Google sheets to duplicate the original date column. But that still allowed me to set the formatting within glide, so one column as date and the other as time.

Yup that’s what I’ve been doing too, which gets back to my original issue of not being able to filter the “is within” to a different date column. What I had to do was create additional text-based columns for the date-only columns and use that as a select list in my choice component. I’m using a choice component to filter submissions that were submitted on a specific date and need the choices to match the date only value of the “current date/time” special value that was obtained through a form submission.

But can’t you build you choice off of the template as well as filter the template column instead of the date column? What I’m saying is, instead of comparing text to date, you can instead compare text to text.

Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing. If I could simply filter “is within” the other date field, there wouldn’t be a need to perform the text conversions all over the place though.

Ok. It wasn’t clear in your first post that you already had it working. Was just offering a suggestion if you were having trouble and needed something now.

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Oh sorry! Appreciate the suggestions either way!

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