Showing just the date

I have a section in my app where teachers can set the assigned and due dates. It show fine in the Teachers tab where they are making the assignment using a date component. Problem is that on the Assignments tab I have made a table to show these dates but I can only get them showing as date/time. Do not want the time showing. Anyway around this?Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 1.17.27 PM

@Todd_Lichtenwalter maybe this is the answer

Haven’t had chance to play around so it may or may not work or try editing the date format in the glide column as date only.

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Have you tried editing the date in the Glide Data Editor to date only?


That did it. I was trying in the wrong place. Thank you Manan!


For me the issue is vice versa: Edited Date&Time, picker only grabs date…?! :crazy_face:

Any idea anyone?


Have you done this in the data editor, but change the column formatting to show date and time instead?

… :roll_eyes: my stupid mistake…chose the date component instead date&time component…sorry and thanks…


You can create a new column with “Format Date” type.
Then, select Date => Date Variable , Format => DD.
Done. Hope this help.

The Format Date plugin is known to be unreliable. Using it is not recommended, especially for non-US locales.