Template to Show Just Date from a If-Else-Then formula that returns Date

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Just wondering how to show the Date without the time in the Template, in which the data is from IF-Else-Then Formula. Any help would be much appreciated.

The following is the template formula.

All the dates used at Date Only @ Medium.

That’s a known issue with if-then-else columns. What you have to do is create another math column after the if-then-else column, and set the date format in that column.

How do I transpose the initial If-then-else value (date with time) to the new colume with date format? Which function should i use? I would like to do this in glidetable

In google sheet it is simply = .

Use a Math column with no formula. Just enter something like Date (for example), and replace Date with your if-then-else column. You can then format the Math column as Date Only, and use that in your template column.

Like this:

(That example isn’t using an if-then-else column, but the method is exactly the same).

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Awesome! Thanks!

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