If/then date format is messed up

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I added an if/then to handle events screen. Some events are just one day, some last a few. If it’s just one day, I want to show only the “start date”. If it’s more than a few days, I want to show a range. I already did most of the work on Google Sheets to allow this. But now on if/then, the start date shows a very strange format. See attached. I can’t for the life of me figure it out. Any help is appreciated.


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You may need to create a Template column to make the Start Date format stick, then use that template column as the Else in your above IFTHEN.

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Thank you @kyleheney, I tried it but the date is already messed up, in the template.

Is this a bug @david?

Have you set the format of the column in the Glide Data Editor? It may look correct now, but you may have to manually edit it to give it the Glide formatting.

Yes, the start event column is set properly

In your template, rather than directly referencing the column, set up a replacement instead and point the replacement to the start date column. Then use the template in the else of the IF column. I think the problem is your IF is combining two different column types into one and glide is using the underlying ISO date when it’s converted to text.


I think Jeff’s method here will work @SuperMerabh. Faced this formatting problem a few times already with If Then Else and just a note for future, I would make sure if you’re referencing it from any other sheets/tables then those should be formatted in date/time as well.

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Thank you very much @Jeff_Hager and @ThinhDinh, this totally solved my issue

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