Date/Time Formatter settings don't persist to an If This> That Column

Hi Team.

Seeing an issue with the Format settings for a Date/Time Column. I am a date time column as a value in an If this> That column, but it drops all formatting when doing this. Is this as intended? I have used the same column in a Template column and the formatting persists to a template column.

This is currently a limitation.

How is your If-Then-Else column configured?

Hi Mark!

Oh I forgot to add that screenshot!

I see. In Glide, formats are associated with columns, not with individual values, so the whole If-Then-Else column would have to have a single format.

I think what Glide should do is, if all the THENs and ELSEs are columns and have the same format, then that format should be used. If they don’t, but they’re all at least date/time columns, Glide should let you pick a format. In this case, TBD is just text, and not a date/time, which can’t share the same format with date/times. Note that none of this is implemented yes - I’m just thinking out loud.

I do think that makes sense. I did find a work around for this for my use case today. I created a Template column with the date/time as the only value, then used the template column in the If>then>else column. Worked like a charm.

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