Display of Date & Time


I have a few rows which are displaying the date and time differently from the others. You can see below (an example is the last one) Not sure why this is as they are typed the same as the others.

Yeah…this has been a bug for a while. When you pop a value into an if/then/else column, it loses its formatting.

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I had a math column created for the start date and entered that instead or the calendar start date. It seems to work.

I guess it works if instead you set the second If Start Date is on or after today, you add Start Date in the Else field

Or, just add in it a math column picking Now date/time

Glide needs only to recognize both values are same (date/time)

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Yes, I realized they have to be the same format. ‘Today’s Date’ is in long format date only, while the ‘Start Date’ was another format. Created another math column for ‘Start Date’ as long format date only. Thanks!