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Greetings from Brazil,
Dear, I have a problem and I think it is a Bug, The column is MATH recognized as Date, it is not recognized as Date when I try to use “IF Then Else” below photo for example:
My app’s URL:

It is necessary to use the IF Then Else to compare the Dates.

What’s your configuration for IF_Data Ajustada…?

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Thank you for responding promptly …

Hola Buda,

I think your problem began from

TEMP_Datas Parcelas

which is not a native Date column, it’s a Template instead. So, Glide treats that column as a Text.



I did the decomposition of Data using Math column, separated the day, month, and year. After that I made this column TEM_Datas Parcelas, to recompose the date format. I used If to filter and math (which recognized the date format), so I think it is a bug because, in the MAT_Data Adjusted column is as a date and when trying to filter with If it no longer recognizes as a date … if MAT_Data Adjusted not having a date all right it was no problem
@Jeff_Hager , @ThinhDinh … is bug?


At the part where you decompose the data using math and rejoin them again using a template column, can you show us the math column that “recognizes the date format”? I don’t think it can recognize.

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Seems like you’re pointing that DATE value to an If Then Else column, not a template one, isn’t it?

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I used math to decompose day, month and year. after I used a template to recompose the date using the correct day.
filtered by If Then Else and used Math again for Glide to recognize it as a date.