Display Date in different formats

This might be a stupid question, but…

I have a date column in Glide, and sometimes I’d like to display it as date only and other times as date+time.
I can’t seem to figure out how to do that, I tried to create a TEMPLATE that is just the date, but then it just adopts the display format of the original date column.

I could construct it in a TEMPLATE with MATH columns MONTH(date)-DAY(date) -YEAR(date), but then I don’t benefit from automatic international locales.

Obviously, I could create a copy in Sheets with an ARRAYFORMULA, but that seems a bit silly…

Any suggestions on how to do this in Glide ?

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You can use the luxon date plugin:


Awesome, thanks !

Probably the simplest way to do that is to use a single math column and format it as time only.

The Format Date plugin is tempting, but beware - the underlying Luxon library is buggy and unreliable and is known to have issues with non-US date format/locales, especially with Safari on IOS. Personally, I do not use it and I don’t recommend using it.


I would suggest the same thing. For any variants of display you want, just make a new math column and change the format. Albeit it’s limited, it offers a much more stable experience than Luxon, which struggles a lot, especially in Safari.

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I recommend that you use the Mathematical column since lately the format of date plugins is presenting some problems, so the ideal now is the Mathematical Column. I sent you the link so you can see its functionality and how simple it is

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