Changing Data format in Glide Table

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is there any possibility to have the Date column in Glide Table in this format - mm/yyyy ?
Shortest format is now mm/dd/yyyy…

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No, not directly - which I find a constant source of annoyance.

If you want a specific date format for display in your app, then you need to construct a string that matches the desired format with a combination of math and template columns. Essentially, you need to deconstruct the date into its year/month/day components, and then piece them back together again.


Can you give me an ideea ? I deconstructed the date with Split Text, now what ?

Split Text won’t help you. As I mentioned, you need to use math and template columns.

Assume your date is in a column called “date”:

  • Math column with the formula Year(date) - this will give you the year
  • Math column with the formula Month(date) - this will give you the month number
  • If you need a leading zero with the month number, then you’ll need an if-then-else column:
    • if month number < 10 then 0, else blank
  • Then put it together with a template column: {pad}{month}/{year}, where:
    • {pad} is the output of the if-then-else column,
    • {month} is the output of the second math column, and
    • {year} is the output of the first math column


You made my day ! :+1:

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