Change Date Format


How can I remove the end portion of the date format (after the 18)
Also, how can I change the order so its Month-Day-Year.

Thank you!

Set the formatting on the date column in the glide data editor.

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I looked there, doesn’t give me an option to change.

Where does the “2020-09-18…” thing live in your data? It should be there instead of a blank, or is it noto on your first row?


Your “Start Date” column needs a date in the first row for Glide to recognize it as a date field. Then you can set the formatting as needed.


Oh! that screenshot was afterwards :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m testing on a live app so had to remove my test data right after snapping it, but yes its in the first row.

Ahh…thanks! I overlooked the date/time as an option. Do you know what data the short and medium grabs or looks like?

I believe short is MM/DD/YYYY and medium is MMMM DD, YYYY.

Order may vary depending on location (which I wish wouldn’t be the case, but likely needs to be this way for global users).

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Ok! thanks Ill either wait for a real submission or test it out in the wee hours of the morning :smile: