Change Date Format


How can I remove the end portion of the date format (after the 18)
Also, how can I change the order so its Month-Day-Year.

Thank you!

Set the formatting on the date column in the glide data editor.

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I looked there, doesn’t give me an option to change.

Where does the “2020-09-18…” thing live in your data? It should be there instead of a blank, or is it noto on your first row?


Your “Start Date” column needs a date in the first row for Glide to recognize it as a date field. Then you can set the formatting as needed.


Oh! that screenshot was afterwards :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m testing on a live app so had to remove my test data right after snapping it, but yes its in the first row.

Ahh…thanks! I overlooked the date/time as an option. Do you know what data the short and medium grabs or looks like?

I believe short is MM/DD/YYYY and medium is MMMM DD, YYYY.

Order may vary depending on location (which I wish wouldn’t be the case, but likely needs to be this way for global users).

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Ok! thanks Ill either wait for a real submission or test it out in the wee hours of the morning :smile:

If I wanted the date to display in the app as MM-DD-YYYY, how could I do that? I set it the column in Sheets to display as that, and it does, but it won’t transfer to Glide. Glide displays the date as MM/DD/YYYY. @kyleheney @ThinhDinh

How are you displaying it like that in Sheets? If you use a TEXT formula, Glide may not recognize it as a date and may format it the way you want.

That would, however, mean it’s not going to be a date in Glide for filtering/visibility purposes.

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Probably if he changes the type in the data editor to text, it will honour the format. Just my guess.

Ah yes forgot you can change the column type in the editor now. Biggest issue is he’ll lose date-type filtering. Alternative would be to do this through the new month day year math columns to have the date as a regular date, then use those columns to build a template in whatever format you want.


Yeah I think your approach is better to do both things!

So, the solution is to have that column containing the birth date be a Math column, or 3 separate Math columns, one for month, one for day, and one for year? Sorry, I’m confused…

Forgot to add that I am using the Glide’s Date Picker when adding/editing student’s info. Does that have any effect on Glide’s ability to display the date as MM-DD-YYYY, and not as it currently is, which is MM/DD/YYYY.

I would gather the dates using the date picker and have them formatted however Glide can do them. Next I’d add a math column to extract the month number and do the same with the day and year too. Then I’d create a template column to put those math columns together however I want. This new template column can be used to display the dates in the app but the original date column is what is capturing the actual dates entered by users.

Ok, I just decided to go with the regular Text column. Seems to work for what I’m needing, and it inherits Sheets date settings that I’ve assigned to that column. Thanks for the help…as always.

Hi, I’m working on a similar problem–I’m trying to convert Glide time/date format into Unix crontab format (min/hour/day/month). Could you elaborate on your suggestion to use math columns to extract the month, day (and hour & min) numbers from a date?

Thanks so much!

Do you want it all in one line in that order (min/hour/day/month)?