Don't understand Date Format column type

Sometimes I think Glide forgets its promise to be a program for non-IT, non-programming people:

I want an Expiration Date of 6/30/2022 to format to simply June 2022.

One of the newer field types is Date and Time - Format Date

  • I had no idea what luxon is. I had to Google it.
  • According to Google, “Luxon is a library for dealing with dates and times in JavaScript.”
  • JavaScript? Couldn’t do it even if I wanted to.
  • DATA - Date. I guessed that I am supposed to indicate the “Expiration Date” field here.
  • DATA - Format. Glide has not provided any clues as to what my format options are.
  • I experimented by entering “yyyy” and the field properly filled with 2022.
  • So I tried to add “mmmm” which resulted in garbage.

I have searched in the Glide community and I have googled resulting in old Date/Time column info from two years ago. Haven’t found anything to direct me how to use this Column Type.

I know that Glide is developing and growing at an amazing rate. But to build to your “billion app developers” we still need beginner level guidance as you introduce new things.

Thanks for allowing this rant.

The glide plugins documentation page has a link to the luxon documentation, which describes each of the tokens to use. They are case sensitive. I think 'LLL yyyy’or ‘MMM yyyy’ should work.

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THANK YOU @Jeff_Hager. I never got there in my searching.

Just to be clear, this is a formatting option only, correct? I still need my original data column–this column can’t be used to be the actual column.


Correct. Glide has a limited set of formatting options built into a date type column. If you want to go beyond that, then you need to us the format date column. It’s a type of computed column, so it doesn’t actually hold a value, thus you still need a regular column to hold the value.

However, I do agree that it would be nice if glide provided a lot more formatting options in the standard date type column.

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I also wish that they had started with the basic components of Apps when they build Pages. I understand that the user interface is designed for different layouts and that each may have unique components for their purposes, but too many of the basics aren’t comparable between the two in name or functionality.


Agree that more and more techie elements are creeping in, but I think Glide now has made simpleness a priority again, so hopefully, it’s temporarily!

I agree some of these advanced columns are inscrutable. We’d like to make a new ‘Add Column’ experience to replace the confusing menu, with better search, documentation, useful links, etc.:


Hidden columns will be nice if the feature makes to production: hidden in the data editor with an option to also hide them from the menus in the builder?

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That looks pretty cool.

For a quick win, how about simply sorting the computed column list? Even after all this time, every time I create a Single Value column I find myself immediately scanning from the bottom of the list - it starts with S, so intuitively I expect it to be near the bottom :slight_smile: