Date Format options please ddMMYY

Every time I need to refer back to the table of date formatting options for the column ‘Format Date’ I cannot find the link to the Glide documentation… I recall there is a link to an internationally recognized list of abbreviations.

Can you share the link please… :slight_smile:

Might be an idea to update the search results in the Glide Documentation site so that it comes up when searching for Format Date, etc…

Ps… I’m looking to format a date to give Aug 2021 (month-yy doesn’t do it!)

Google searched and answer was MMM y.

Would still love the link to the full table of options though :slight_smile:

I used to be able to search for this page, but the Glide Docs search feature seems to be very limited now.

From this page, select “Format Date” which will take you here:

But what you really want is the Luxon documentation page which is here:

This has all of the shortcuts and you can play with them to find what you are looking for. I use it regularly.


Luxon… that’s it! Thank you!!!

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