Luxon Format Not Working

I need to format the date with something like dd/MM/yyyy.
But this Luxon format is not working.

What browser are you using to work with this? Is this table in Google Sheets or Glide Tables or somewhere else?

I think its google sheet?

Ok, what does the format look like on the Sheet side?

And what about the browser? If you try it on another browser does it work?

it looks like this

I don’t see anything wrong with it, so to me it looks like a browser problem.

oh i see, i am using chrome . you know how to fix?

If you switch to another browser and login to your Glide builder, do you see the problem being fixed?

Hmmm yes, meaning i cannot use glideapp on Chrome?

So it works on another browser? I don’t know if it’s just a temporary glitch, but maybe you would need to resort to another method. Maybe extracting the day, month and year out using math columns before joining them together in a template column. Also take into account cases like “1” becoming 01 in dd and MM.

I understand this method, but it will need like 7 columns for formatting one date :laughing:

My advice: don’t bother. Just leave it as it is and every users device will display the date formatted according to their own device/browser settings.


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