How can I extract date from text column?

I have a text column with cells of data that are formatted with a combination of text and a date, e.g. Scheduled: 2023-06-12

I would like to extract the date part then perform some simple date maths. I have used a template column to delete the text part, leaving the date 2023-06-12. However, Glide does not treat that Template column as a date. Hence, I cannot add an if-then-else column with formula

If Template ‘is after Now’ then… since the date/time options for if-then-else do not appear.

I have successfully added a ‘Relative time’ column to identify ‘days ago/until’… so Glide can work with the template column. But not with the If-then-else format.

Any tips please?


Would it help if you converted the date to a number first and did your calculations on that number instead?

E.g year(date)*10000+month(date)*100+day(date)

It’s a workaround, but I would love to have Glide simply accept that it is a date column and allow the date logic to be used.

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Have you tried using the Text to Date computed Column?



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