Add multiple records

I have a Players sheet and Attendance sheet. I display the Players in a Inline Checklist, this is then used to record attendance. The Players sheet is updated with True/False depending on the attendance. The idea is to use a Floating Button - compound action to ADD row in Attendance Sheet where Players Attendance in Players sheet is True.

I can do this with Adalo, but want to stay with Glide for my App.

Is there in any way to do this in Glide, without using external solutions like Zapier etc?

You can’t do them all at once, but you could have a custom action attached to the checklist inline list that adds a new row as each one is marked as present.

I’d probably make that a two step action.

  • First tap to view details
  • Then a button on the details screen to “mark as present”, which would add the new row to the Attendance Sheet

That approach would help avoid “accidents” :wink:

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy, your idea got me back on track.

The row is now added when clicked on the Inline list. I do not want to open the Detail screen as it is to many clicks for the user.

The next step now is to figure out how to change visually indicate that the Player is selected as “present” after the user click on the Inline list. Not sure if one can do this with CSS.

That’s simple enough, and can be done a few different ways, but most would include the use of an if-then-else column.

So you might do something like:

  • Create a template column that includes the Player Name (as a replacement value), followed by a check mark :white_check_mark:
  • Then use that in an if-then-else column:
    • If player is selected, then template column
    • Else player name
  • Finally, use that if-then-else column as the title or details source for your inline list
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Thank you @Darren_Murphy I am going in that direction. Appreciate the your time on this

You could also use a different or modified image to indicate presence for each list item

Thx @V88 exactly what I am doing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy and @V88, the app is now working. The APP allows sport clubs coaches to add/update/delete players, per team and provide training attendance tracking. It also provides training attendance stats per session and graphs, per player per team for all trainings and individual trainings per team.

Of course one continues to tweak and update the APP.

Now for the club to pay the fees to upgrade it as a PRO app :slight_smile:


Excellent. Congrats!