Action on check box click in a checklist

As far as I can tell, I can trigger an action when clicking on an item in an inline list, but not when I click in the checkbox zone in an inline checklist.

Basically, I’d like to edit the content of the row when clicking in the body, but add a row in a log sheet to check attendance when the checkbox is set to true.

You’re right that the checkbox does not do anything else other than setting the chosen column’s value to true or false.

An alternative for this is using a list layout, then using emojis/images of a filled checkbox and an unfilled checkbox to imitate the checking/unchecking experience.

Let’s say ☐ and :white_check_mark:. You show the first one when the boolean column is not true, the second when it is true.

The action for your inline list would look like:

If boolean column is not true then set that to true, then add a row to check attendance on another sheet.

If boolean column is true then clear that, then do something else if you need.

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Indeed, but it adds 2 steps (check box, and back) which is les efficient to just check attendance…

What do you mean “back”?

You can just have an inline list and a custom action to do this, you don’t have to actually go into the details view to do these. Construct the custom action like I said straight on the inline list of students.

I was trying to get the best of both… Very simple and fast single click to check attendance (and yes, I could do that with a custom action), but then click on the body to enter de detail view. I don’t see how I could get both with custom action. :wink:

Yeah, you can’t get both here. I think your case is more suited for Glide Pages, where we can have multiple action buttons on a single item.