Checkbox "checked" and "unchecked" action

Hi there awesome community,

How can I add “checked” action and an “unchecked” action to a checkbox?

  • Is this possible to a checkbox component?
  • Is this possible to an inline list with style “checklist”?
    (if I add an action to the inline list, it makes the entire checklist item clickable with arrow at the end, I don’t need it to be clickable)

Any help would be much appreciated!

Yes, you can make action with if condition, if column is true set value false, else set true, …
add 1 empty column and set description for that list with empty value from that column … arrow will disappear

In a “check box inline list” @Mark, would it be possible that the ‘Action’ be linked to the check/uncheck, instead of being linked to clicking on the item?



Exactly my wish as well!
The check/uncheck event is a very useful event.

i made a sample for you: SAMPLE


Great workaround!

Is this a list component? How to make a list with custom list items?

what do you mean? this is an inline list… so you can do anything whit it