Trigger a sound

Hello, I am trying have my app play a sound when a checklist item is checked. Seems simple enough, but when I configure it as an action, no sound. Must be something I am missing…again?

Check your speaker if it is muted :wink:
It works fine… just checked.

A “check” won’t actually trigger your action. A click on the “item” itself does, if I recall right.

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Oh yes… I did not pay attention. Checking boxes will not execute any action. Creating an inline list that substitutes checkbox images or emojis would be best… then add action to make sound and write the choice.

Yea, I’ve been thinking about this one and I’m pretty sure I’m not getting it. Don’t know how I can combine a list and an image or emoji. I may need a hint. I’m too new to this.

When you click the inline list item, you can trigger a custom action to write a value to the choice column + swap the image for that item (image of checked or unchecked item) or the check /uncheck emoji in the list title… It is up to you which one looks better.

Oh, of course. I use item click to get to a detail screen right now. Hmm. I can change my navigation i guess.

yes, you can change from show details screen to anything you want