Inline list with switch


as I can’t find a way to combine an inline list with switches, I would request this simple possibility:

there’s now an option “checklist” within a detail-screen , with checkbox on the left.
Please add - within this option - a second design-style “switch” with a switch-button on the right.(like Glide recently added new styles to the choice-component)

So users can choose (still within this same option) for the current checkbox (left-aligned) or the new switch-button (right-aligned).

As both options have the same value (true/false), the other parameters can kept the same.


(Yes, I know I can add multiple switches one by one so it looks like an inline list, but with those seperate switches, it’s not possible to filter or sort the list,…)

just make a conditional image in your list, that will change when someone will click on it… and you can have any possible variation of your list. SAMPLE

Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 4.29.22 AM

Maybe, but then I loose the true/false value (or I need to construct a complex custom action).
That’s why a second design-style would be usefull

True/false column is the one which will make image change , you are not loosing it… it shows as a check mark on the image… or you can switch title text with check mark emoji at the end… this way it will look more like check list.