Set visibility to Checklist

Hi all,

Is there the way how to visible or invisible checkbox in checklist style? For examble, when today is in my list of days, checkbox will visible, unless it will be invisible.


Hi Kien! Nice to see another fellow Vietnamese on here.

Do you have some screenshots of your data structure so we can understand better?

Otherwise, my idea is as below:

  • Have a math column to determine what day is it today.
  • Make a relation back to your list of days, whether you have it as an array column, a joined list or whatever.

If the relation is not empty then show the checkbox and vice versa.


Hi Thinh,
I can check TODAY() in my list, but I want to change Checklist style into Details style when Today is True (it means Today is in list).

It looks like that:
details check


So a checkbox will only appear when it’s today and doesn’t appear when it’s not?

Yes, how can change between two styles?

You should have two inline lists for that. One set to list style when the today() check is not true, and one to checklist style in the other case.

Is this your idea?

And then I need to set visibility for each components, right?

Yeah you’re right. One using checklist, one using list, if you only want people to check rows that are “today”.

Yep, I got it. Many thanks.
But is there another way which is easier to change between two options:

You can need only 1 inline list in this case.

At the moment there is no way. An alternative is let them tick the checkbox inside the details screen for each row and hide them using the same visibility conditions we discussed above, but I assume you don’t want users to take an extra click.

Yes, thank you. Two inline list is the best solution at the moment. Got it.

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