Attendance app with multiple events and switches


I want to make an attendance app for our (fixed) group of persons; each of them can indicate if they will (or not) attend an event. I tried the attendance sheet app (Free Attendance Sheet app • Glide) but …
I want those features:

  • first choose an event from a list (will be a list in a seperate sheet)
  • then it has to show all the persons with switch (like on the “today’s attendance”-form in the mentioned app, but not “today’s attendance” but “event XXX-attendance”)
  • some reports, but this can be done easily.

I think I need a sheet with an array of events (in rows based on seperate sheet) and persons.
So not as in the mentioned app where each “switch on-switch off” results in a new record on the data-entry-sheet, but where each switch on-switch off changes the crossing between the particular event-line and the particular person-column.

Can this be done with Glide? So yes, thanks for helping or suggestion another way to do it.

The app gives me some suggestions: after choosing an event the “attendees confirmed” are shown. Now I would like to combine this with previous mentioned switches…
And this app doesn’t show me the underlying sheets to study…


Issue solved :slight_smile:


I would like to know how you did it. :slight_smile:

how was it solved?