attendance app?


Can someone please help me. I’m quite inexperienced in this world of making apps, but super enthusiastic. And also a little lost :wink:
I am trying to build an app for my choir where I can track the administration (address, voice type etc) ánd attendance. I figured out the administration part. That works fine now in one of the tabs.
I am struggling with the tab for the attendance. We have numerous rehearsals, concerts etc per month. What I’m trying to make is per event, one tab with the names of the attendants and whether they are absent/late/present. So a couple of choices per person. All on one page, per date. So I have an overview.

Anyone with tips or a template on how to put names ánd the choice on one page?

Hi @jsvanderlinden,

Welcome to the community. I’m sure there are multiple ways to do this. I would do it as follows:

1: Make a RowID on the people/singers in order to be able to use specific information from each of them.

  1. On the detailed information page for each of them, I’d add a form button which will have all the information needed from the person columns.

  2. I will add a choice component to the form with “late, absent, present” and make that info go to the attendance sheet with all the other info.

I hope this helps.


Hey! I created a template that tracks attendance of users to events, among other things. Maybe it’s what you’re looking for?

If you had a set list of attendants, you could create a sheet that contains columns to list the event and date, then columns to list each individual person as a column. Then you could create a list of all the events in the app and in the event details, you could create a choice component for each person’s column. The only problem is it’s not very scalable if you add or remove members often.

Another alternative, that would add a lot of rows, is to create a sheet that lists each event, then create another sheet that lists the event in one column, a member in another column, and a column to store their attendance. You would have to create a row for each event/member combination. Then you could create a relation from the events sheet to the event/members sheet and display all members in an inline list. You could use a checklist style list and store a true/false value in the attendance column for each user. This would keep everything on one screen, but you are limited by having only a true or false value and since you have the potential for 3 values, this wouldn’t work well. The alternative is going into each member’s details from the list and selecting from a choice component.

The first option would give you the one page per date functionality you’re looking for, but it not a perfect solution. The second option is more scalable, but has it’s own limitations for what you want.

I can’t really think of the perfect solution, but hopefully that gives you some ideas and maybe you can come up with what you want.