Create unique user lists for each event


I am trying to create an app where a set group of attendees can mark themselves present for certain events.

I am struggling to create a unique checkbox list for each event. So if you mark present on one event it shows present on all.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi, not a direct answer to your question, but there is a good tutorial from Glideapps team (by @JackVaughan) showing step-by-step how to create an “event” management tool :

If you want attendance to be visible by all, then you are going to need to create a sheet that lists all combinations of events and attendees for them to check off if present. Otherwise to get less rows, you can create a form button that each user will submit when marking themselves as present.

If the attendees list is small and always the same, then you could list them each as columns in an event row.